Breaking Chains at Gilgal: Charlie C.

BREAKING CHAINS:  Generational Addiction

Charlie and mom1pngCharlie C.

My name is Charlie C. and I am 29 years old.  I was born in Orange County, CA and raised in Panama City, FL until the age of 13.  I am the youngest of two children.  I followed my dad’s footsteps and joined the US Marines at the age of 17.  I learned about being a machinist and a welder in the service. I became certified in welding during my time in the Job Corps.

In 2015, I put my life on hold to care for my maternal grandmother who was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. She struggled with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol for over 40 years. My grandmother, Glenda, died in January of 2017.

Last year, while caring for my grandmother, my mother was diagnosed with the same disease. She drank for over 20 years. She made the decision to stop drinking two years ago.

My hope for today is to continue to develop my relation with Jesus, have a job back in the welding field one day, and to work with animals. I’m trying to stay on the right track. The photo that you see of me and my mom was taken at Family and Friends Day and is very special to me. I realize that this may be the last time I see her. I trust God to watch over her and to watch over me as I commit to my recovery. Thank you for your prayers.

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