Breaking Chains at Gilgal: Lindsey H.

BREAKING CHAINS:  Looking for Peace

Lindsey H.

After over a decade of drinking and using drugs, Lindsey H. was looking for a “peace in [her] life that wasn’t there.” She was tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled and came to the realization that her lifestyle could not continue any longer.

One year after deciding to make a change in her life and get sober, Lindsey is now graduating Gilgal.

At sixteen, Lindsey says: “I just wanted to try out that lifestyle.” By the age of 21, Lindsey’s drinking and using had escalated to a point where it was no longer a teenager’s experiment, but a lifestyle that began to have serious consequences. “My 20s were the hardest for me,” she says. “Everything negative that’s happened in my life happened to me in my twenties, and it was because of my drinking and using.” It was this decade of Lindsey’s life that brought her to the point of exhaustion and the realization that she needed to make a change.

Since arriving at Gilgal, Lindsey has grown in her relationship with Jesus Christ, something she had not experienced before, despite growing up in church. This has helped Lindsey find the joy and fulfillment she had been missing during her years of using.

With graduation around the corner, Lindsey is looking forward to continuing her work as a receptionist at an animal hospital and searching for a permanent home, where she can begin her life outside of Gilgal.

As Lindsey prepares to enter the next chapter of her life, she wants people to know that “change truly does happen” at Gilgal! Thank you for your investment in women served at Gilgal.