My Gilgal Story: Terri T. (Resident) – So Grateful


My name is Terri T. and this is MY GILGAL STORY!

My name is Terri T. I was born in Atlanta, GA and I am a 49-year-old mother of three and grandmother of two. I have been at Gilgal two months. In just over a month, I will be 50. I never expected to spend my 50th birthday in a recovery program.

For the past thirty 30 years I have been in and out of my love affair with crack cocaine and alcohol. Recently, there was a stint for 5 years where I was clean and sober, but then one day, it was a rough day at work and I decided that I could use a wine cooler on the way home. The choice to drink that cooler sent me on a downward spiral for the next several years. The wine cooler was the gateway to regular drinking and drugging. They say that one is too many and a thousand is never enough. They were right. I knew better.

Last Thanksgiving, I was active in my addiction. It took me to places I never thought I would go. I was using every day and didn’t care about life. I was working job after job and losing them because of my addiction. I have lost so much because of my choice to use: my marriage, a healthy relationship with my children and grandchildren, my dignity and self-worth.

On August 28, 2016, I was in a dark room looking at the walls, thinking, “I don’t want to and I can’t live like this: Drunk and High.” I literally wanted to die. God intervened. I found a paper with St. Jude’s Recovery information on it. So that morning, I caught the bus and went to St. Jude’s. The director interviewed me and said they could take me that day. I stayed there for 20 days. From detox, I came to Gilgal. I thought I would try it because it was Christ-centered and non-smoking. I had tried everything else and it did not work, why not? I asked God to give me the will to believe in Him and He did.

Since coming to Gilgal I have come into a personal relationship with God. I talk to Him every night, and I ask Him to help me. I am taking it one day at a time. I am thankful for the structure offered here and the staff and volunteers that regularly encourage me in my walk and recovery. Things are very different for me – I’ve learned about the forgiveness of my Savior and how to forgive myself for my past. I am hopeful that after Gilgal I can be more involved in my grandchildrens’ lives.

This Thanksgiving, I looked forward to time with my family. I am grateful that I’m no longer in that dark place. I’m happy to be alive and in a place where I can restart my life. I have joy in my life because of Jesus Christ. I’m clean and sober with peace of mind and I am surrounded by my Gilgal family. I look forward to turning 50 and being sober for the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus! And thank you for your prayers and your investment in my life and recovery.

We thank Terri for sharing her Gilgal story.  If you have a personal testimony of what God has done through Gilgal, we want to hear it.  Go to to share it with us.

CHANGE HAPPENS AT GILGAL. Thank you for being a part of it!