When Giving Hearts Become a Chain Reaction of Giving, CHANGE HAPPENS

Dayton 3rd grader   Dayton’s Story

The dictionary defines a chain reaction as “a series of events, each caused by the previous one.”  Well, that is what this story is all about – a chain reaction of giving that just keeps going!

In February of this year, we told you the story of Barbara Jackson, a Gilgal volunteer making a huge difference in the lives of the women we serve.  Inspired by her daughter Catherine, who at age 15 began giving piano lessons to the Gilgal women, Barbara began to look for a personal way to impact the ladies she’d come to know and love. This led to giving monthly to Gilgal from proceeds she made from her home catering business.  But, Barbara’s story doesn’t end there.

You see, her neighbor across the street, a third grader named Dayton, came to love “Mrs. Jackson’s Chicken Parmesan.” In fact, he would eat it weekly if he could! One day Dayton, a boy with a giving heart, urged his parents to let him have a lemonade stand so he could raise money for charity. After raising about $30 from his lemonade venture, Dayton generously set aside $20 to give away (once he’d paid himself and his two friends $3 each for their labors). He knew he wanted to help a deserving cause, he just wasn’t sure which one. It was then that his mother, Kimberly, suggested, “Why don’t you consider Mrs. Jackson’s charity.”

Up to that point, Dayton did not realize that Mrs. Jackson was donating proceeds from her catering to Gilgal. Dayton was surprised and visibly inspired by Mrs. Jackson’s generosity. Not knowing anything about Gilgal, Dayton and his mom researched the organization’s website. After learning more, Dayton decided that it was a perfect organization to support because, as he said, “it helps women who are trying to help themselves have a better life.”

“He’s always been a giving child,” Kimberly said. “When he found out that Gilgal helps women who are struggling with homelessness and addiction, he couldn’t wait to give his money to Mrs. Jackson. My husband and I are very proud of him, and, after learning more about all Gilgal does, my daughter and I also want to somehow become involved with the organization.”

From Catherine to Barbara to Dayton to Kimberly – what an awesome chain reaction of giving!  And it all occurred because each person realized he or she could do something to influence change.  Change Happens at Gilgal and you too can be a part of it!

This is just one example of the many ways people give to Gilgal. If you want to learn other ways to help, click here: Gilgal Change Agent, or contact us directly at 404-305-8007.  You can also email us at info@womenofgilgal.org.

Download Dayton’s story: Dayton (When Giving Hearts-Chain Reaction) May 2015