When Believing Faith Intersects With a Faithful Believer, CHANGE HAPPENS

Glenda-Tonya ECLA Feb 2015  Glenda’s Story

Taylor Crenshaw (ECLA) pictured with Glenda

The following story was written by Taylor Crenshaw, a 10th grade student at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy (ELCA) in McDonough.  The students of ELCA regularly volunteer at Gilgal helping with various projects like grounds maintenance, small building beautification projects, and painting.   During their most recent visit, the class interviewed some of the Gilgal residents to help share their individual stories.

My name is Taylor Crenshaw.  Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Glenda.  Glenda started using at the age of 15 with crack cocaine as her drug of choice.  She started because she felt very rejected and unloved.  School was a part of her life, but she didn’t enjoy it.  She always had a knack for learning.  In school, she felt the need to fit in because of peer pressure.  One day, she was incarcerated and she realized God was her Savior. 

She knew about God at the age of 5, but since she was so young, she didn’t believe.  As her addiction increased, her criminal record increased.  As this was happening, she believed in God and His wondrous works, but didn’t always listen.  Finally, she asked God to show her a path of recovery, and through a person God sent to help her, she learned about Gilgal. 

She wrote to Mrs. Val, asking her to allow her to come and receive help.  Mrs. Val approved of her being able to come to Gilgal.  Now, she is surrounded by love at Gilgal.  Her relationship with God has become even stronger ever since. 

We are so grateful for students like Taylor from ECLA who take time to volunteer at Gilgal and get to know our women. Each Gilgal resident has an amazing story of the journey that led them to us, and the change God is making in their lives.  In Glenda’s case, God used a faithful believer to point her to Gilgal and help her find her faith to believe in Him again.  He continues to grow her faith through daily Bible study and spiritual nourishment.

Change really is happening at Gilgal. Thank you for faithfulness to be a part of it!

NOTE:  If you or your group would like to volunteer at Gilgal, please let us know.  There are many ways you can help become a part of what God is doing.  Write to us at changehappens@womenofgilgal.org and find out how to get involved.