Meet Amy W. – A Determined Mother

Amy W:   A Determined Mother

Amy Ava MomHappy Mother’s Day! My name is Amy W. I am 31-years old and a 2011 Gilgal graduate. I relapsed along the way and recently returned to Gilgal. I want to get it right and the difference this time is that I am a mother. God has blessed me with a beautiful four-year old daughter. Being here without her is one of the toughest things I have had to endure.

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Meet Cora F – A Grateful Daughter

Cora F:   A Grateful DaughterCora Mom Cropped

My name is Cora F. I am a 55-year-old mother of two. I had a great relationship with my mother growing up. We did many typical mother / daughter things (church, family outings, shopping, etc.) until I started drinking alcohol and using drugs as a young adult. I began hanging out with the wrong crowd and doing what I thought was fun. During that time, our relationship became nonexistent. I missed my mother, but I liked the new scene (and people) that drugs and alcohol introduced me to.

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LOVE CAPTURES Thru Whitefield Academy

Thank You Whitefield Academy 

Gilgal is grateful to be included in Whitefield Academy’s Great Day of Service. The students bring their parents out and work so diligently to beautify our grounds and facilities.

They really are the hands and feet of Jesus as they offer much needed assistance and inspire our residents with the “yes” in their spirits.


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LOVE CAPTURES Thru East Point Church

Thank You East Point Church 

East Point Church became a part of the Gilgal family in 2017 when Pastor Tony Carter learned about Gilgal during a pastor’s breakfast. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife Adriane, and several church members attended a Gilgal Family and Friend’s Day where they met the residents, spoke one-on-one with staff and took a facility tour.

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