Letitia M: Love Beyond Measure Brings Peace of Mind

Letitia M:   Love Brings Peace of MindLetitia

For the last 20 years, drugs were an important part of my life.  I had no control, and I had lost my identity.  The things that were once important to me, soon became obsolete.  During my addiction, I lived two lives.  I was “Ms. Had it all Together” when I was around my family, and when I went out into the night, I became an unbearable monster.  I worked hard wearing my mask; hoping my family, and friends of the family would not see what was underneath the mask.  Today, I have no need to wear a mask.  I have surrendered my will to God, and I am transparent, honest and open-minded.

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Cora F: Love Beyond Measure is Patient

Cora F:   Love is Patient

fullsizeoutput_20c3I never knew love was so patient until I came to Gilgal.  I really didn’t know what to expect when I got into the program.  The only thing I did know was that the way I was living wasn’t working.  I was at my lowest point and wanted to give up.  I had lost my home, my car and my family was   getting tired of me and my drinking.

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Lindsay H: Love Beyond Measure is Healing

Lindsay H:   October GraduateLindsay H

I never knew love could be so healing until Gilgal showed me.  I came directly  from jail as part of a requirement from drug court.  Initially I thought my addiction to meth was the problem. However, after I began working the program, I realized that there was a deeper  healing that needed to take place in me in order to overcome my old destructive cycles.

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September is Recovery Month: Celebrating LIFE in Recovery

Rooted and Grounded Image New

September is National Recovery Month – a nationwide effort to raise awareness about substance abuse in America and celebrate the individuals who courageously strive every day to secure and maintain a LIFE IN RECOVERY.

At Gilgal, our focus is to educate, equip and empower women to embrace a future free of drugs and alcohol by utilizing their fullest potential in a God honoring way.  We do this through Christ-centered recovery programming, individual and group counseling, and life skills development.

Ultimately, we want to assist women in breaking the cycle of defeat that lead them to drug and alcohol addiction and replace it with a cycle of victorious living through Christ Jesus.

As part of this nationwide initiative, we will be taking steps to educate our partners about the issue of addiction in America and hosting several events that we hope will enrich the lives of our women and their families.

We will also be incorporating our “LIFE IN RECOVERY” theme into all of our regular programming at Gilgal. The goal is to EDUCATEEQUIP and EMPOWER individuals who are impacted by addiction, and to actively engage the support of everyone who wants to join God is His transformational work at Gilgal.  He truly is a God of LOVE BEYOND MEASURE.

Stay tuned during the month of September as we celebrate LIFE IN RECOVERY.  Be sure to visit our website at www.womenofgilgal.org to find inspiring testimonies or to share your own recovery story!

We also hope you can join us on Thursday, October 18, 2018 for our 4th Annual Blue Jean Gala.  It will be an exciting evening celebrating LOVE BEYOND MEASURE.  Change Happens at Gilgal and you can be a part of it!  Seats are limited so register now

Misty M: A Guiding Voice

Misty M:  A Guiding Voice

Join us as we celebrate our August 2018 Graduate – Misty M.  Misty joins 5 other women who have graduated Gilgal in 2018! Excitement is definitely in the air!

One of the many ways God has uniquely gifted Misty is through the ability to express herself through spoken word.  She shares one of her more recent poems describing  her relationship with God and the assurance of His guiding voice.

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