My Gilgal Story: A Family Restored (by Felicia C.)



My name is Felicia C. and this is MY GILGAL STORY!

I am a former resident of Gilgal and even though I did not successfully complete the program, the time I spent there has changed my life in more ways than I can tell.  Instead of focusing on the fact that I did not graduate, I used the lessons I had learned while there and the love I know that my God has for me to do the “next right thing. ”

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Changes Happens at Gilgal – and It’s All Because of Jesus

christmas ladies

A Special Christmas Message to Our Family and Friends

Night falls early this time of year, as darkness covers the world outside.  Up in the sky, a tiny light glimmers, piercing the darkness with a soft ray of white.  Far beyond this bright little star are marvelous creations too magnificent to imagine.

Pondering this truth, we sit in awe at the One who constantly creates these new designs. His omnipotent presence moves through space and time.  What an awesome God He is.  So far above what we can think or know.  And it is this God, the amazing Creator of all things, who also created us.

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When a Desperate Life Finds New Life in Christ; CHANGE HAPPENS

Callie - smallCallie’s Story

My name is Callie R. and on October 31, 2015 my life was put on pause.  I was stranded on the side of the road talking to John, the AAA driver, as he was pouring gas into my tank. I looked up and saw the second trailer of an 18 wheeler about to dovetail into us and thought, “He is awful close.”  The next thing I remember is waking up in ICU with tubes hooked up to me, breathing with the assistance of a ventilator, and the feeling of excruciating pain.  I would later learn that John had perished in the accident.

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THE LIGHT IS ALWAYS ON…. One Graduate’s Story of Redemption and Grace

This is a personal account from Cheryl McClure (Gilgal Board Member)  about Sue, a recent Gilgal graduate. We believe it affirms the challenges that all of us face, and our individual need to rest in the redemptive power of God’s amazing grace.

When I first heard Val Cater share the Gilgal story, I was deeply moved.  I learned about the organization from my friend Kenya, who leads a team of Georgia State nursing students in providing health screenings and education to the residents.  I knew that Gilgal was a place of recovery for homeless women overcoming addictions, and I could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence the moment I stepped onto the property.  But what I didn’t know was the whole story.

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When Faithful Servants Answer God’s Call, CHANGE HAPPENS

Gilgal Sign 1The Gilgal Story

Gilgal was established in 2005 when Val Cater, founder and executive director, answered God’s call to help homeless women struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction. Driven by a vision to see them break destructive cycles and find victorious living through Jesus Christ, she and her husband secured property in south Atlanta. These abandoned buildings, once teeming with drug activity and vagrancy, were reclaimed, renamed and forever changed into what is now a place of healing and hope.

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