Rachel D: Intimacy with God

Rachel - Grad picRachel D. Intimacy with God

After thirty years of living with an addiction to crack, Rachel D. decided she was “sick and tired.”  “I wanted to be with my family, and drugs would not allow that,” says Rachel. “I got tired of depending on others to take care of me.”

Rachel’s first thirty days at Gilgal were not easy, but “scary” and “long.” “I felt like a punching bag,” she says, “like everyone was against me instead of for me.” During those early weeks at Gilgal, Rachel had to learn how to be vulnerable, to be okay with shedding tears in front of others, and to accept certain “defective characteristics” about herself.

Despite the fierce trials and uncomfortable emotions Rachel faced in her first thirty days, she never once got the desire to pack her bags and leave Gilgal, sobriety, and God behind. She knew that if she stayed, she was going to “get to know God intimately.”

Rachel now has that intimacy that she craved just a year ago.  She credits Gilgal with this change.   Her passion for the Lord shines through each conversation you share with Rachel, and she wants others to know what He has done for her and what Gilgal has to offer.

For Rachel, the staff was an integral part of her deepening relationship with Christ during her year at Gilgal. “The staff are spirit led believers,” she says. Each staff member has touched Rachel’s life in a unique way, and she knows that they always had her best interest at heart. “I love them wholeheartedly. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

After graduation, Rachel hopes to come back to Gilgal to provide the same inspiration for incoming women that the staff provided for her during her time here. In addition to frequent visits to Gilgal, after graduation, Rachel looks forward to serving the homeless at her church on Sunday mornings and spending time with her family.

Change Happens at Gilgal.  Thank You for Being a Part of It!