Oxana P: Love Beyond Measure is Trustworthy

Oxana P:   Love is TrustworthyDSC_0604

By the grace of God I am at Gilgal. A place that I have never heard of or knew about. I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to come here and get to know my heavenly Father like I never knew Him before. God worked on me and I have a better understanding of what was going on in my life.

I never had such faith and trust before. I found out that I wasn’t the person I thought I knew. I know God still works on aspects in my life and I will continue to do everything to keep in place what I have started on my wonderful journey.

This is my first time in a recovery facility. I came here based on the strong suggestions of those who care about me. I have tried so many times to quit on my own and found that this didn’t work for me and I always failed.

Gilgal has helped me learn that my drinking was a choice that I clearly made on my own.  During my stay here, I was exposed to very helpful and supportive people. They helped me to understand the root of my problems and I will forever be grateful for this program. I know that once I leave the program that I can still rely on the people here at Gilgal.