My Gilgal Story: Nancy J. (Former Resident) Forever Praying



My name is Nancy J. and this is MY GILGAL STORY!

Five and a half years ago I began what I thought would be my first and last rehab
program. It certainly was my first, but wasn’t my last.

I learned so much at Gilgal — from truly trusting others, to loving me unconditionally, to giving back, to giving of myself, to challenging my attitudes, my values, my self-worth and my identity in Christ.

There are so many family moments Gilgal helped me get through – from my daughter getting pregnant with her first child, to her getting married without me, to the birth and health scare of the famous Mr. Hayden, my beautiful grandson.  And, I can’t forget the numerous family sicknesses and hospital stays that family members went through while I was at Gilgal.

I guess my main take away is that YOU MUST TRUST GOD.  You can’t always be physically somewhere, BUT GOD is everywhere.  HE IS IN control. HE is NOT shocked by anything.

Was my Gilgal ending picture perfect? Absolutely not. Is my life better because of my experiences at Gilgal. Absolutely yes!

Did I make lasting life long prayer parteners and friends? Without a doubt,   ONCE A GILGAL GIRL, always a Gilgal Girl.  We are family. At a special time in our lives we were chosen by God to become a better woman for HIS Kingdom.

I wouldn’t trade a day or night at Gilgal (and I spent oh so many LOL) because my life and my family’s current status remains forever in prayer and forever grateful to Gilgal.


We thank Nancy for sharing her Gilgal story.  If you have a personal testimony of what God has done through Gilgal, we want to hear it.  Go to to share it with us.

CHANGE HAPPENS AT GILGAL. We are grateful to so many who are a part of it.