Meet Amanda

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My name is Amanda B and this is MY GILGAL STORY!

Amanda grew up in church, but strayed away after an accident and the introduction to prescription pills. After seeking help in multiple rehab facilities, Amanda still felt a void; none of the programs helped her discover the root of her issues. Influenced by her faith background, she chose Gilgal – hopeful for genuine restoration and healing.

In her 45-day journey at Gilgal, Amanda is a believer that Change Happens at Gilgal! Through the groups and classes, Amanda shares that she is beginning to understand her root issues and that she has gained a new understanding of the value of living a Christ-centered life. She understands more clearly God’s Word and will for her, which further encourages Amanda to maintain a life of sobriety.

In the future, Amanda hopes to get back in to the workforce, establish a home for her family, and teach them the value of God’s Word.

You can meet Amanda and many other women impacted by Gilgal at our 3rd Annual Blue Jean Gala on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Be Inspired. Be Informed. Be There.

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