Misty M: A Guiding Voice

Misty M:  A Guiding Voice

Join us as we celebrate our August 2018 Graduate – Misty M.  Misty joins 5 other women who have graduated Gilgal in 2018! Excitement is definitely in the air!

One of the many ways God has uniquely gifted Misty is through the ability to express herself through spoken word.  She shares one of her more recent poems describing  her relationship with God and the assurance of His guiding voice.

A Guiding Voice

by Misty M. (2018)

The sound of your voice resonates in my mind.
I listened to your instruction and left the past behind.
I crawled out of that old skin and left it in the dust.
To move forward in your light that was a must.
Salvation has washed me pure and clean.
I’ll no longer live with the label: Junkie or Fiend.

I admit I struggle at times with “why” and “how”.
But, you tell me it’s not for me to understand right now.
Have patience, trust and believe
Sometimes that seems too much to perceive.
I have to remember how you pulled me out of my desperate hole
and gave me back what the enemy stole…
My dignity, my mind, my spirit, my soul.

I am yours and I bask in your unconditional love.
It blankets me with courage and your presence from above.
To my surprise, I trust your voice, and it I will follow
You have made me whole, I’m no longer empty and hollow.
God, you have never forsaken me
I hunger to continue on in this intimacy
In the darkness I call out your name
And inside of me, you ignite a burning flame.

CHANGE HAPPENS AT GILGAL and Misty is a part of it!  Thanks to everyone who supported her during her time at Gilgal and for all of you who will continue to pray for her during the next phase of her journey!  Congratulations Misty!!