Meet Tiffany


My name is Tiffany S. and this is my MY GILGAL STORY!

Tiffany was sent to jail for sixty-eight days due to driving under the influence of alcohol. Following her sentence, Tiffany struggled to remain sober for a year, eventually turning back to a lifestyle of addiction to meth and alcohol. After another encounter with the law, Tiffany began seeking a life of transformation and restoration. She found refuge in Gilgal, a safe place that has helped her confront issues of the past and empowered her to discover her true identity in Christ.

Since being at Gilgal, Tiffany has gained emotional management skills and reignited a passion to life for God. She has also learned to value self-development and take ownership over her recovery process.

Influenced by her love of poetry, in the future, Tiffany aspires to motivate people through her poems. She desires to write a poetry book for the women of Gilgal that will encourage current and future Gilgal women to stay committed to their change journey. Her ultimate goal is to live a life of impact and service.

You can meet Tiffany and many other women impacted by Gilgal at our 3rd Annual Blue Jean Gala on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Be Inspired. Be Informed. Be There.

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