Meet Gilgal ChainBreaker Ivy James


Ivy JamesIvy James, Residential Manager

As March rolled in, I noticed the dogwood trees blooming all around, signaling a change of seasons.  I recall this time exactly one year ago – a change of season in my life.  I went from a season of working and entered a season of serving.

On March 1, 2017, God positioned me at Gilgal.  At first, I was grateful to be employed, but, as the year went on, I began to feel a heart change – a change in my belief system.  You see, the last 10 years I worked in recovery centers and shelters for women and children.  I did this work to give back because I am a recovering addict, and I felt I could help others who suffered from this disease.

God brought me here to see the truth: that this is a sin issue and that recovery starts with HIM.  This is the most important thing I have learned in this first year.  As I serve at Gilgal, I have the privilege of witnessing this heart change in the women God brings down the road to this safe haven.

Chains are being broken at Gilgal and I am glad to be a part of it!  Thank you for your continued prayers!