Meet Elizabeth


My name is Elizabeth and this is my MY GILGAL STORY!

Feeling lost and hopeless, Elizabeth expressed that before coming to Gilgal she was “on the path to nowhere.” After losing her job, housing, and close ties with family, Elizabeth was ready to embrace change. That is when she discovered a breeding ground for restoration and renewal in a new home—Gilgal.

Since joining the Gilgal family, Elizabeth has experienced growth in her relationship with God. She has learned to be transparent with herself and others, no longer masking her emotions and suppressing hurts of the past. She attributes her progress to the dynamic and transformative classes Gilgal offers its clients.

Ultimately, Elizabeth aims to walk in God’s will for her life. She is working toward becoming self-sufficient and hopes to own her own home in the near future. She also desires to mend her relationship with her family.

You can meet Elizabeth and many other women impacted by Gilgal at our 3rd Annual Blue Jean Gala on Thursday, October 19, 2017. Be Inspired. Be Informed. Be There.
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