Margaret A: Love Beyond Measure is Pure Joy

Margaret A:   Love is Pure JoyDSC_0596

Before coming to Gilgal my lifestyle was getting high and taking care of others to justify it! I lived to use and used to live. It was easy if I told myself that I was doing it so that I could take care of others and that they needed me, because they had nobody else.  The truth is that I had nobody and they had more drugs.

Today I wake up with joy in my heart and excitement for life. It’s a natural high that the Lord has blessed me with and I am forever grateful. I haven’t had negative thoughts which used to dominate my way of thinking, nor have I wanted to drink or to use in over a year. I have found pure happiness in helping others and today I do it for the right reasons and not because I need or want something.

I don’t know why the Lord has spared me, but I do know this — I could never go back to how I was living. The love I have now from trusting in Him is better than anything I have ever known before and the way I live today has more meaning than ever before. This has completely changed my life for the better.

I want the rest of my time on earth to be a life worth living. I want to love, bring joy to others and most of all I want to be free of my past! It’s not who I am anymore.

My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ delivered me from a life of torture and bondage. I know the only way to have this new-found freedom is to continue trusting in His living Word and obeying it wholeheartedly.

I’m thankful that God has always given me glimpses of His Glory. It is a taste of pure Joy! That feeling is better than any drug I could ever take.

There have been moments where I thought I would not make it another day. But God… He has always given me a way out, and He continues to show me what I need to do next as long as I bring it to him first with humility and integrity.