Faithful Volunteer Makes Change Happen At Gilgal


 Meet Aisha Ferguson, Gilgal Volunteer

I was simply looking for a chance to volunteer and give back; never did I think my giving back would impact me as much as it has.  

I am one of the newer volunteers at Gilgal. My time with the ladies and staff has been a little shy of one year; however, in this short period of time I have been privy to watching women enter the program as despondent, broken, lost, and rejected individuals whose lives were seemingly irreparable. Society had either given up on them or viewed Gilgal as the last opportunity for them to “get it right.” Nevertheless; just as often as I watched them enter the home in this state of “brokenness,” I have been privileged to see “change happen!”

The change I have seen in the women who courageously and committedly endure the structure and curriculum at Gilgal is nothing short of remarkable. Watching the women begin to discover and re-discover the love of Christ, the hidden treasures that reside within them, and their worth & value has tugged on my heart in ways that I never knew were possible. Seeing the women transform, achieve sobriety, and experience significant personal growth makes me proud because I am able to say that I helped to sprinkle a little water on the seeds that are planted by Gilgal. Watching the seeds take root and bloom into the flowers (women) that God created them to be is absolutely amazing.

Because of the commitment of the staff and volunteers at Gilgal House, the tag line of “Change Happens” couldn’t be more accurate. The change that I have witnessed in the women of Gilgal, has increased my level of commitment towards volunteering and helping those who need assistance in getting back on the right path in life. I initially approached this volunteer opportunity thinking that I would be pouring into the lives of women. The truth of the matter is that the women I have encountered at Gilgal, have equally poured into me by increasing my level of compassion and commitment towards helping and building up others.

Ms. Aisha is a faithful Gilgal volunteer who teaches ongoing classes on goal setting,  effective communication and conflict resolution.  We are so grateful for her dedication and passion for helping our residents learn these critical life skills.  If you would like to share your own Gilgal story, please send it to us at: