Evelyn B: A New Perspective

Evelyn - Grad picEvelyn B. A New Perspective

When faced with the choice of one year in a rehab program or two years in jail, Evelyn B. chose the one year of rehab. Her arrival at Gilgal was trailed behind by twenty years of drug use, which started when she was only twelve-years old.

From the moment she arrived at Gilgal, Evelyn began to exercise her faith. Evelyn is in awe of how quickly those first thirty days turned into months, then into a full year. Graduation is upon her and Evelyn is not the same woman she was when she entered the program in June of 2017. Her perspective on God has shifted, and rather than living in fear of God’s judgment like she had before, Evelyn has learned of God’s abounding love and faithfulness. “He lives in me every day,” she says, “which is so much different than the way I perceived him before.”

Evelyn’s new perspective on God has also given her a desire to invest time in studying the Bible, something she would never have chosen to do on her own a year ago. “I get to look at my Bible because that’s what I want to do,” she says. “Standing on His Word is one of my favorite parts.”

As Evelyn gets ready to leave Gilgal, she wants others to know that Gilgal truly is a Christ-centered program. She describes it as a “safe-haven” and says it’s a place that she’s “scared not to come home to” anymore. “[Gilgal] has changed my life completely,” she says. “I didn’t know I could be happy without drugs.”

Although she is sad to leave the place that has transformed her, Evelyn is ready to go out into the “real-world” and feels equipped with the necessary tools Gilgal has given her to help her when she faces the inevitable obstacles that will come.

Change Happens at Gilgal! Thank You for Being a Part of It!