Debra M: A Woman of Many Masks

Debra - Grad picDebra M. A Woman of Many Masks

Debra M. was the woman of many masks when she first arrived at Gilgal. Her dependency on masks was rooted in a distrust of people and a fear of feeling her own emotions. Debra first tried crack cocaine when she was sixteen years old, after her father’s suicide and the birth of her daughter. “Being high was the biggest mask of all,” she says. Being high allowed her to “feel special” and was something that shielded her from the abuse she experienced from male friends of her mom.  This mentality led Debra into a self-destructive path of thirty years of using.

Since her arrival at Gilgal, God has stripped each one of Debra’s masks away through teaching her to trust others again. “It was here where I  learned to trust again”, she says.

In addition to learning to trust others again and allowing God to remove each of her masks, Debra has experienced the unrivaled love of Christ and a deeper relationship with Him than she had ever experienced. Before arriving at Gilgal, Debra knew who God was but, when the things of the world called out to Debra, she would put her relationship with God on hold. Now, God is Debra’s best friend. “God knows me better than anyone,” she says. “I get in my room and talk to Him…sometimes all night.”

After a year of growth, Debra is ready to graduate completely mask-free. “I know I’m going to shed some tears because this is the place where I experienced growth and maturity,” says Debra. Although she will no longer be a resident, Debra knows she will always be a “Gilgal girl” and plans on staying involved in as many ways as she can in the future. As she heads out the door, Debra wants others to know that “God is the head of this household.  This is the place where the love of God lives.”

Change Happens at Gilgal!  Thank You for Being a Part of It!