Danaleigh W: A Story of Restoration

Danaleigh - Grad picDanaleigh W. A Story of Restoration

When we’re young, doing homework at night often seems pointless, redundant, and downright boring. For Danaleigh W., doing her assigned Gilgal homework each night was not a chore, but a way for her to grow in her relationship with the Lord. The required homework that the staff gave her “got her into the Bible and made her aware of God’s presence.”

Danaleigh’s Gilgal story is one of restoration. When she entered the program, Danaleigh had been using for twenty-three years, had been arrested five times for drug-related charges, and had no relationship with her three children. She first started using at the age of fourteen, when she first tried marijuana with friends. At the age of sixteen, Danaleigh graduated to meth, which she continued using until her arrival at Gilgal one year ago.

Danaleigh was mandated to Gilgal by drug-court following her fifth arrest, and although she had been in this situation before, this time, she was ready to get clean and to have her family back in her life.  Although there were instances where Danaleigh was tempted to leave during her year at Gilgal, she knew she had to stick with the program and get sober. “I came to realize I needed to be sober. Going back into prison  or using again wasn’t an option for me,” she says.

Now, as Danaleigh approaches her graduation date, she has a personal relationship with God.  “I know that He’s with me and I can take anything to Him,” she says. Danaleigh has also experienced the restoration that Jesus is known for in her own life. All three of her children, with whom she had not spoken in two years, will attend her graduation. What Danaleigh wants others to know about Gilgal is simple: “Change happens at Gilgal,” she says.  “Miracles happen at Gilgal.”

Change Happens at Gilgal!  Thank You for Being a Part of It!