Congratulations Sara F. – Gilgal’s First 2019 Graduate

Celebrating Sara F. 

Sara graduates Gilgal on Friday, February 8th at 11:00 a.m.  Join us as we celebrate her journey to Gilgal and beyond.  Sara is our first graduate of 2019.  Excitement is definitely in the air!

A Heart Change

My name is Sara F.  I have been at Gilgal since December 2017.  I came to Gilgal utterly defeated. I was all but dead inside and holding onto my “salvation package to go”. I was in such bondage; the chains were so thick you could almost see them.  Now, thirteen months later, my graduation is just around the bend!  That can only be God!

Not many people thought I’d make it based on the behavior I exhibited when I first arrived.  I had spent 14 years of my life behind prison bars and I could quote scripture with the best of them, but, I did not know how to walk it out.  I had made Him my Savior, but, not Lord.  The dedicated staff and volunteers at Gilgal guided me safely – to the God I had always hoped existed but didn’t truly know.  God has connected the dots and brought me into full deliverance and assurance of not only my salvation in Him, but my new LIFE and identity in Christ.  He is Lord of my life today.

Joshua 5:9 says, “This day I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you. The name of this place is called Gilgal to this very day.”  God’s promises of Zephaniah 3:20b are being fulfilled through my Gilgal experience.  “…I will give you honor and praise among all of the people of the earth when I restore your fortune before your very eyes.”

Today I have a steady job which I love. God is using me daily to minister to people in the community who need hope.  I also have identified an apartment of my own to live in after graduation. It is close to work and other services that I need.  God is so good!

I am so very grateful and excited about the future God has given me.  Thank you for all you’ve afforded me through your faithfulness to Gilgal!  I hope to see you at my graduation!


HOW TO HELP:  Would you like to help Sara get started in her apartment?  She needs a full or queen-sized bed and linens, bedroom furniture, sofa, and dinette set.  We will need your help in delivering furniture.  Please phone our office at 404-305-8007 to discuss.  Thank you!