ChangeMaker Belinda White

Dr. Belinda Johnson White
, Gilgal Board

Gilgal is governed by a Board of Directors, which is corporately in place to develop and monitor policies for the organization.  More importantly, however, Gilgal’s board is comprised of distinguished individuals who passionately give of their time and talents to keep the ministry going.  Take Dr. Belinda White for instance.

A long-time friend of the agency, Dr. White is a professor at Morehouse College.  In addition to her board involvement with strategic planning, fundraising and raising awareness, Dr. White also partners with Gilgal staff to send interns to support resident programming. When asked why she serves, Dr. White had this to say:

The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places.” These words by Ernest Hemingway hang nicely framed on my office wall. I glance at them often, and with each glance, I am reminded of Gilgal stories — theirs and mine.

Gilgal, a place where hope and dreams become real in the lives of women who only through the power and grace of God, wake up each and every day, ready to fight and win the battle for life. Gilgal, a place that provides the structure, support, and sisterhood needed to overcome the toughest issues of life. Gilgal, a rock for the weary, an anchor for the worn, a safe space for the lost. Gilgal, a place where women, broken by life, become strong through the power of the risen Savior Jesus Christ.
This special place of restoration and recovery, founded by a dear friend of 30 plus years, gives me the opportunity to serve in some small capacity to assist women to become strong at their broken places, which in turn is an opportunity for me to become strong in my broken places. How marvelous is our awesome God who in his infinite wisdom can weave the lives of women from all walks of life into a beautiful tapestry of strength that we all call “My Gilgal Story.”
Thank you Dr. White for being a ChangeMaker!  Change Happens at Gilgal because you serve.  #changehappens #mygilgalstory
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