ChangeMaker Ayana Hart

Ayana Hart - Spellman InternGILGAL CHANGEMAKER
Ayana Hart – Spelman Intern

As you might imagine, a lot goes into the day-to-day operations at Gilgal. And with such a small staff, we rely on talented individuals and groups to help us accomplish these numerous daily tasks.

Ayana Hart is a great example of the caliber of people God sends our way. She is a senior at Spelman College and has been interning at Gilgal since January.  In this role, you’ll find her answering phones, doing telephone pre-screens on perspective clients, working alongside Gilgal staff during the intake process and providing supervised case management. She has even taught a class on conflict resolution and effective communications.

We are grateful for the time God allowed Ayana to serve at Gilgal. If her compassion and dedication are any indication of the type of professional service provider she will become, then we have no doubt she’ll be successful wherever she serves.

Thank you Ayana for being a ChangeMaker!  Changes Happens at Gilgal because you serve!  #changehappens  #mygilgalstory

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