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Debra M: A Woman of Many Masks

Debra - Grad picDebra M. A Woman of Many Masks

Debra M. was the woman of many masks when she first arrived at Gilgal. Her dependency on masks was rooted in a distrust of people and a fear of feeling her own emotions. Debra first tried crack cocaine when she was sixteen years old, after her father’s suicide and the birth of her daughter. “Being high was the biggest mask of all,” she says. Being high allowed her to “feel special” and was something that shielded her from the abuse she experienced from male friends of her mom.  This mentality led Debra into a self-destructive path of thirty years of using.

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Breaking Chains at Gilgal: Lindsey H.

BREAKING CHAINS:  Looking for Peace

Lindsey H.

After over a decade of drinking and using drugs, Lindsey H. was looking for a “peace in [her] life that wasn’t there.” She was tired of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled and came to the realization that her lifestyle could not continue any longer.

One year after deciding to make a change in her life and get sober, Lindsey is now graduating Gilgal.
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Breaking Chains at Gilgal: Charlie C.

BREAKING CHAINS:  Generational Addiction

Charlie and mom1pngCharlie C.

My name is Charlie C. and I am 29 years old.  I was born in Orange County, CA and raised in Panama City, FL until the age of 13.  I am the youngest of two children.  I followed my dad’s footsteps and joined the US Marines at the age of 17.  I learned about being a machinist and a welder in the service. I became certified in welding during my time in the Job Corps.

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Congratulations to Gilgal Graduate Terri T.

Terri TCongratulations Terri! You Did It!

Please join us in congratulating Terri T. who graduates from Gilgal on Friday, October 13 at 11:00a.

Terri T. was born in Atlanta and struggled for over 30 years with an addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol. At one point, she had a short period of five years where she was clean and sober. Then one day after a rough time at work she decided to get a wine cooler on the way home. That choice was a gateway to a downward spiral of drinking and drugging for the next several years. She lost her job, a marriage, a healthy relationship with her children and grandchildren, her dignity and even her self-worth. bottom, she found herself literally wanting to die but instead reached out for help. Continue reading

Meet Elizabeth


My name is Elizabeth and this is my MY GILGAL STORY!

Feeling lost and hopeless, Elizabeth expressed that before coming to Gilgal she was “on the path to nowhere.” After losing her job, housing, and close ties with family, Elizabeth was ready to embrace change. That is when she discovered a breeding ground for restoration and renewal in a new home—Gilgal. Continue reading