Volunteers Help Change Happen at Gilgal: Read Lauren’s Story

Lauren’s Story

My name is Lauren D., but I’ve been called, “slow,” “strange,” “a trick,” “a whore,” “a crack-head,” “stupid,” and “a liar.”  My whole life was spent living like these names.  I never knew I had an identity crisis. I just believed what I was told about myself.  I also believed that I wasn’t worthy of change.

And some days it was hard to believe that the Lord calls me, “Blessed,” “Chosen,”, “Accepted” “Redeemed,” “Forgiven,” and “Loved.”  How could God love me when it seemed my mother didn’t, my dad died, and my uncle molested me?

I have come to learn that Jesus Christ died for my past, present and future.  So God truly does love me and I have been forgiven of all the sins I’ve done.  God chose me to be a soldier for Him.  He redeemed my soul, my body, my self-worth, respect and sanity, and I know I’m truly blessed every time I take a breath.

So thank you Lord – for Gilgal.  You brought me here so I could see You and realize who You are.  Thank you for the volunteers that you bring to Gilgal to help me along in my journey.  Thank you that Change Happens at Gilgal!


We are so grateful for the role that our volunteers have played in Lauren’s life, as well as the lives of other Gilgal women. Your tremendous love and support during their recovery is priceless. Without the faithful giving of your time, talent, and prayers, we could not fulfill the ministry God has given us.

So during the month of April, when organizations celebrate National Volunteer Week, we want to celebrate our Gilgal volunteers! Please be our guest on Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 10am – 12pm during our Family and Friends Day.  We want to personally acknowledge your volunteer service and honor all that you do for Gilgal.

CHANGE HAPPENS at Gilgal, and you are a part of it!